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FAQ & Support

Mouse not detected
Make sure the Rockstick Mouse is plugged into the correct port.
Make sure to reboot your computer after you install the mouse driver.
Cursor moving by itself
A reflective surface may cause cursor drift. Put the Rockstick Mouse on a non-reflective mouse pad.
Cursor jumps or the Rockstick Mouse isn¡¯t moving smoothly
Check the bottom of the Rockstick Mouse to see if there¡¯s dirt on the underside of the mouse base. Make sure the optical sensor is not blocked and the feet on the bottom side are clean.
The Rockstick Mouse lifts from the desk surface when being clicked
Relax your hand on the base instead of lifting your hand when clicking. The weight of your hand will keep the Rockstick Mouse base from lifting from the desk surface.
Your thumb is not in its comfortable position when scrolling the wheel
Adjust your thumb position to the scrolling wheel by changing your holding position. If your thumb is too far from the scrolling wheel, hold the Rockstick Mouse more closely. If your thumb is too close to the scrolling wheel, hold the Rockstick Mouse in a more relaxed position so the thumb will have enough space to comfortably operate the scrolling wheel. If you still do not feel comfortable, you may need a different size Rockstick Mouse.
Your thumb is not comfortable after long periods of computer usage
When you are not using the scrolling wheel, allow your thumb to rest in a relaxed position. A relaxed position for the thumb usually means that it is not on the top surface of the mouse. Frequent breaks are recommended during long periods of computer usage.
You have trouble with precise positioning
A wrist-rest, offered at no extra cost, will be very helpful.
You can hold the base instead of the stick when you need more precise positioning.
The cursor doesn¡¯t move in the same direction with your hand
Make sure you hold the Rockstick Mouse in the correct position (you will encounter the same problem with any mouse if you don¡¯t keep it at the right angle).


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